Pugwash Germany

Pugwash Germany is the German national group of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. As a consequence of the "Russell-Einstein-Manifesto" in 1955, and subsequently the "Göttingen Declaration" in 1957, the group was founded in 1959. Max Born, Professor of Theoretical Physics in Göttingen (until 1933) and Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, was one of the 12 signers of the "Russell-Einstein-Manifesto" and in 1959 together with Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, founded the "Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler" (VDW), which forms the basis of the Pugwash group.

The German Pugwash Group holds public meetings and seminars on relevant Pugwash and German topics and nominates participants from Germany for international meetings and workshops aiming to inform the public and to influence Government policy on international security issues. The German Pugwash Representative, Dr. Götz Neuneck/IFSH Hamburg, coordinates national activities and builds the bridge to "Pugwash International". A "German International Student and Young Pugwash Group" is in initial stages.